Fall at JCC

Fall 2024 classes begin August 26

Join Jamestown Community College for our fall semester. You can earn an academic credential, like a degree or certificate, or workforce credential, like an industry certification. 80% of our students receive financial aid and over half graduate debt-free.

Jayhawks Athletics

We all came from different places, different states, different cities. We know we have each other's back, no matter what. We're all here together.

Through the struggle and the passion, we found the next step. We know we have a home here. Together we are all Jayhawks!

Student Support

"I was welcomed with open arms into the JCC community."

"I went to advisors and counselors and they taught me how to study, they taught me how to schedule my classes, and that's what has led me to be successful in classes now."

"Interviews, job offers, I can't stress it enough. JCC has really been a cornerstone in my life."

Degree & certificate programs

Short-term trainings

Workforce Development offers short-term trainings to prepare you for a manufacturing job in less than three months. Our instructors are industry professionals that are ready to help you launch your new career.