Transfer from JCC

Take your JCC credits to the next level

If you’re interested in continuing your education after Jamestown Community College, faculty advisors and counselors are here to help you connect with other colleges and universities.

More than 50 percent of JCC students take advantage of JCC’s low tuition and national SUNY recognition, and then transfer to earn bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and other professional degrees.

When should you start preparing for transfer?

You can start preparing for transfer as soon as you have a transfer idea in mind. The sooner you have a plan, the sooner you can talk with your advisor and ensure that the credits you take at JCC match the requirements of your transfer school.

If you are undecided, you are still encouraged to make an appointment with a counselor, where you can take self-assessments and learn about life and career planning courses. The Counseling and Career Center is here to help undecided students make those tough decisions about their next steps.